Naxos Villages

Chalki is located in the centre of the Tragea basin and it is the most fertile area of Naxos with large olive groves.

Apollonas is a beautiful fishing village in the northeastern part of the island. You may pay a visit at Kouros statue located on a small hill.


Á small village to the heart of Naxos. Its seems like time passed and left this village without impact. You may see the famous castle of Della Rocca, the famous Kouros in the archeological site Flerio. There are very nice tavernas to eat local products at very good prices. People are very friendly and hospitable.

A place with lots of ancient ruins.
The Venetian towers, the Byzantine churches and the picturesque windmills count as the village’s trademarks.

Stone and marble dominate the architecture of the village; these materials have been primarily used by artisans to create masterpieces which decorate houses, towers, streets and squares.

With beautiful houses of island architecture with wooden balconies, steps that connect the different neighbourhoods, shadowy plane trees and poplar trees and picturesque “kafenia” (greek traditional cafes) compose the scenery of this beautiful village.

Filoti, the largest in population village of Naxos, don't miss a visit to the cave of Zas.


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